Nowadays all new-born companies are born must now face the overseas markets.
Vicenza export has developed a set of services necessary to deal with the foreign market:

  • Preparation of catalogs, price lists and advertising material.
  • Development of search engines with a website structured and positioned.
  • Market Research.
  • Creation and development of the commercial network.
  • 5) Organization of exports:
    a) Processing offers
    b) Order Processing
    c) Management of goods delivery in all countries of the world.
  • 6) Analysis and programming for participation in trade fairs and business trips.

Monitoring of retailers and agents is repeated periodically in order to reach the sales target with full satisfaction.

The A-Z service is absolutely complete for all the needs related to the export problems.

Start-up includes tracking sales, supplementary actions of market control resellers and agents.

We analyze the opportunities of the market of interest. Thereforewe set up a proper business strategy, calculating the profitability of investments and verifying the solvency of potential distributors.


Thanks to our international marketing experience, we can target the companies in the most prosperous areas and develop an action of market penetration with the best strategies to save time and optimize the cost / benefit ratio.
We provide information related to the Market legislation, too.

Research and consolidation of business partners for the optimal distribution of the product is carried out through the following methods:

  • Determination of the potential distributor.
  • Control of the technical structure / commercial distributor.
  • Identification of relevant staff and contact.
  • Determination of annual sales budgets.
  • Incentives to promote the product.
  • Support for Open House organization and Exhibitions.
  • Joint visits to the local customers.