Application fields: Piping, Gas and liquid treatments, Diesel motors, Shipyards, Steel factories, Food and beverage, Petrolchemical and Gas plants, Agriculture machines, Energy.

Co.Ri.Ma has specialised since 1968 in manufacturing axial expansion joints.
These parts absorb engine and industrial machine vibrations axially.
They also compensate for thermal expansion in systems through which liquid or gaseous substances, whether hot or cold, flow, thanks to the flexibility of the stainless steel and flexible tubing they are made of.

The flexibility of our production allows us to build them in countless variants, trying to satisfy every kind of request of our customers. We carry out compensators on order and on project, proposing the most appropriate solutions for structure and material according to conditions and work environment. The design of the bellows of our expansion joints is checked in accordance with EJMA regulationsAlso the terminals are checked according to the European harmonized standard UNI EN 13445.
We can make them single or multi-wall, with or without conveyor, with coiled / non-coiled sleeves, with flanges both of standard size (UNIASME, DIN and other standards) that to build to design, fixed, rotatable, with reductions in entry / exit. For technical details related to our production you can consult the “JOINTS INOX” page of our site and find exhaustive indications regarding our expansion compensators.

We custom-made silencers design the model after having checked the characteristics of the engine and the environment where the silencer will be placed. We also select the most suitable material, suggesting our customers the best way to soundproof the system. We can realize them with axial or side exit according to the requirements and the effective soundproofing to meet.

Our standardized production concerns different kind of silencers: Wolf (that can be used for different kind of engines) and other silencers for VM and Deutz engines.

Our standardized and custom-made Wolf silencers. They are suitable for all types of diesel engines and for other kind of engines. They can be realized both with axial or lateral entry and exit.

Silencers may be supplied with cable terminals, solder terminals or flange (we can also provide counterflangesseals and bolts). Abatement in dba 25.

Wolf silencers can also be realized according to custom sizes. Depending on the guidelines provided by the customer, Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali checks the feasability of the product considering also the system’s overall dimensions. The silencer is designed according to the engine’s characteristics and position. We always try to offer our customers the best product in terms of efficiency and costs.

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